In-salon services/treatments

Nanokertin® – Keratin smoothing system. Uses naturally derived keratin to smooth frizz prone or unruly hair, it can also help reduce blow-dry time.  A great pre-holiday treatment. The treatment is tailored to your hair and the smoothing effect should last up to 3 months providing you always use sulphate free shampoos and products on your hair.


Olaplex® – “a hair revolution” started in the USA and has swept the world over the last couple of years. It was only approved for use in the UK last year and we were one of the 1st salons approached by it’s UK distributors. If you remember Kim Kardashian’s miraculous black to blonde transformation … that was done with the use of Olaplex® in the bleach.  Colouring and bleaching break the bonds in the hair and Olapex® remakes those broken bonds.  It enables colour services we would not normally attempt.

Olaplex® is a 3 stage treatment, stages 1 and 2 are salon exclusive and can be applied as a stand-alone treatment or as a colouring supplement.  *Stage 3 is a take-home top up treatment available at reception.


*Mediceuticals® Dual Therapy® – A great favourite among our team. This incredibly versatile treatment was developed in conjunction with medical skin specialists in Holland. It’s a great remedy for a sort or itchy scalp due to its soothing peppermint base, It adds moisture to dry frizzy hair and is a particular favourite with anyone with curly hair …. and a great stress buster combined with a relaxing head massage from one of our team (head massage is a standard feature of our shampoo and conditioning service.)

*This product is also available to buy for home use.

  • Moroccanoil Moisture – We offer 2 x types of moisturizing Moroccanoil treatment mask.
    • *Intense Hydration Mask – a great moisture boost for dry or damaged thick or normal hair.
    • *Light Hydration Mask – fine hair gets dry and unmanageable too, the Moroccanoil Light range is 40% lighter than the original range and this gives a great moisture boost to fine hair without weighing it down.
  • Morocanoil Repair Restorative Mask – Overheated, brittle, split, snapping, damaged hair needs a real protein boost. We only leave this mask on for 7 minutes, but it really makes the most of its time with your hair. We also need to add conditioner after this treatment.
  • Alterna Caviar RepairX Fill & Fix Treatment Masque – The Caviar Repair range is our salon go to the range whenever extensive repair is required! The entire range is packed with protein and ingredients that repair the hair from the inside out. We have seen amazing results on hair that has been badly bleached and look like chewing gum or candy floss!  Also a great plumping treatment for fine hair.  Caviar RepairX With Strand-Building Proteins. For Damage-Free Hair. Infused with Strand-Building Proteins that target damage at the microscopic level, restoring hair to it’s healthy, pre-damaged state.  Offers instant improvements in strength, frizz control, softness and shine.
  • *Alterna Caviar AntiAging® Replenishing Moisture Masque – An intensive moisturizing treatment, replenishes moisture starved strands, leaving hair smooth, silky and youthfully restored.  Caviar Moisture contains Age-Control Complex®. An age-defying perfect blend of ingredients like Caviar Extract and Vitamin C to fight intrinsic ageing as well as thermic, chemical and environmental agents that reduce the vitality and vibrancy of your hair.  The sulphate and paraben free formulas are ideal for daily use on all hair types.

Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment – An awesome treatment for dry or damaged hair, a magnificent performer especially if you are pushed for time and or on a budget. The main function of Conditioners is to detangle and add some moisture. Moisturizing treatments do all of that and more adding moisture and protein to the hair and helping to repair the damage caused by everyday heat styling and colouring. We have seen very noticeable improvements in hopelessly damaged hair after just 2 weeks of using the Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment! It also only needs to be in your hair for a minute (as the name suggests) and can be used every wash instead of conditioner if you prefer.  Highly recommended for damaged, dry or bleached hair.