Our ethos

This is still our mantra today. Your hair should reflect you, it should suit your eye colour, your skin tone, your face shape and your life style. You wear the hair, not the other way round! Your hair also needs to look current, modern and stylish, as a great hairdresser and 3 time winner of Hairdresser of the Year, recently said the hair must have the “Wow Factor”.

We are a medium priced salon by Manchester city centre standards, but we have very strong technical values.  In a world where you have access to great styling products, it can be easy to forget that the style that leaves the salon must have a strong structure and high quality cut to enable the client to recreate it at home for the next 4 weeks plus.  Hair grows, it’s a fact of life, … and everyone’s is different like fingerprints, but if you build a relationship with a stylist who has the skill to read, interpret and understand your hair and what it will or won’t do, then it is a recipe for a happy client and a happy stylist.